What is the videoconferencing quality for calls placed on your network?

What you see for the picture quality on the e-SDNTM (enlightenTM Secure Data Network) is TV-like. You experience immediate connections and none of the latency or tiling that makes most videoconferencing frustrating.

How secure is the transmission of video, voice, and data on your network?

Our network is completely private. We do not touch the Internet. Even within our already private network, we build virtual private networks to add another layer of security. We will work with you to make certain you are comfortable that your transmissions are safe with us.

Can I place calls to locations off your network?

Yes, the e-SDN™ is a fully robust videoconferencing network. Simply place the call through our gateway out to another location or have another location go through our gateway to call you. If you initiate the call, you will be responsible for whatever telecommunications costs are incurred; however, there is no cost to you for incoming calls through the gateway (calls to you from outside our network).

What if I already own videoconferencing equipment?

No problem! We are very flexible and are compatible with most equipment. If you do want to take advantage of our package solution, thereby transferring the worry of the equipment and upgrades to us, ask us about trading in your existing equipment. Or, choose to keep the existing gear and add our gear. This would eliminate the need to move the gear each time.

What does your network provide beyond secure high quality videoconferencing?

Our networked broadband convergence technology allows us to deliver video, voice, data, and content in full collaboration. You will be able to dial, toll-free, and send data, toll-free, to all locations on the network. The e-SDNTM is a robust network that is built for voice and video, but allows data to come along for the ride.

How does your network impact my network and phone system?

A dedicated T1 line is dropped in to provide the bandwidth necessary for all e-SDNTM operations. This line does not have to involve your existing network. The operation allowing for toll-free phone use is no different than dropping in a new phone line. We work with you and your telecom folks to issue numbers to be added to your PBX or Key system.

What exactly are full collaborative capabilities?

Not only can you, through the video call, show people a document or presentation, but you can also choose to allow them access to the document and program. Both of you will be able to make changes and see the changes happen on the screen.

Can I record the videoconference?

Yes. Simply plug a VCR into the system and you can record the conference, or do your own video deposition, or record directly to the hard drive depending on your system.

Can I do a conference with multiple sites?

The capability exists to conference more sites than you could possibly keep track of (much more than 16 sites), but it might get confusing unless you are strictly broadcasting from one location out to the others.

What if I want to add additional cameras, microphones or monitors?

OK! If you would like us to assist, we will help you make those purchases and/or fold them into the price package we offer you. We can accommodate whatever it is you need.

When I connect to someone off the e-SDNTM will the quality suffer?

Chances are you will see some degradation in the quality because of their system, if they use ISDN, when compared to what you are familiar with operating on the e-SDNTM. Videoconferencing systems tend to perform to the level of the lowest bandwidth connection. It will all depend on the capabilities of the location to which you connect.

How easy is your system to use?

Our system is very easy to use. If requested, we can train you and your staff. Simple to follow menus on screen and a mouse button on your keyboard allow you to dial, connect, control the eye of the camera, and more. If you prefer the television control to the computer control, there is also a hand held remote control.

What do I do if I have a problem?

We have you covered 24/7. Remember, help is only a phone call away. With our command center, we are generally aware of the problems that you are experiencing before you. We monitor your equipment and bandwidth to help prevent problems from occurring.

What is included in the flat monthly fee?

The price quote includes full videoconferencing equipment (PictureTel), a T1 line, service, support, equipment upgrades, and unlimited video, voice, and data transmission.

Are special physical facilities required to create a videoconference room?

No. You will be able to use the equipment in boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms or any other location. The larger the setting or more complicated the scenario, the more you will want to consider hooking up additional cameras and microphones. We can work with you in all of these scenarios to make certain that you have a successful experience.

Are there any bandwidth or long distance charges?

No! Your monthly fee includes everything you do on the network including unlimited video, voice, and data.

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