Pricing Model

Directory ListingNoNoNoFree
Allows a office to provide their video conferencing Address
Consulting PlanNoNoYes
Troubleshooting the current Video Conferencing system and solving the immediate problem or reviewing which type of equipment would resolve the issue.
Per Issue
$ 250 (Includes a report of our analysis on your particular situation.)
Silver PlanYes
enlighten technologies Mobile Video Unit.
Providing limited video conferencing to point to point address with some multiple party conferences. No security provided.
Per Issue
$79.99 per month
Gold PlanYes
rental or lease of enlighten Tech Custom Video Unit.
Phone analysis and review of current Videoconferencing capabilities. Assistance for the IT support staff and training, if needed. Possible travel to location for install.
Providing full video conferencing with the ability to have multiple party conferences. No security provided.Full technical coverage, per request, of the current videoconferencing unit, routers and switches.
Per Issue
$499 per month, plus the cost of travel, if it is required.
Premium PlanYes
Includes rental of routers, switches and Video Units.
Phone analysis and review of system capabilities. Travel to location for set-up and/or to assist with system. Assistance for the support staff.
Full coverage of routers and switches, only if provided by enlighten™. Full technical assistance, plus support and monitoring, 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday, with extended service available upon request.
One Year Contract
$750 per month/per location, plus a one time set-up charge that will include install, travel, and expenses at the current rate. (Please call for pricing quote.)
Deluxe PlanYes
Includes routers, switches, and purchasing of video units, cameras, etc. – all of the basics needed for videoconferencing with security.
Onsite analysis and review of system capabilities. Onsite training of technical support staff. Travel to location for set-up and install. Full set-up and delivery, which includes shipping of necessary equipment.
Full coverage of the equipment, such as routers, switches, video stations, and additional items needed for the establishment of a videoconferencing network. Line connectivity for a T-1 with 24/7 unlimited data, video, and voice communication. Full technical assistance with 24/7 support and monitoring.
One Year Contract
$3,500 per month/per location - pricing based on location and number of video units. (Pricing subject to change. Please call for pricing quote and discounts.)

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