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enlighten technologies incorporated™ is considered to be the premiere provider of video consulting services and converged communications and transmission technology. The enlighten™ e-SDN™ (Secure Data Network) is capable of equipping businesses, institutions, and all legal entities with simultaneous video, voice, data transfer, storage, and fax with significant cost reductions. The e-SDN™ is a secure private network that offers convergence layer videoconferencing, data, voice, and fax services between entities, eliminating significant travel expense and telephone costs.

With our newly offered academic pricing, schools can now take advantage of our consulting services and our e-SDN™ product. Imagine the possibilities:

               Unlimited video, voice and data transfer between all schools on the network

               Compete in mock exercises against teams from other schools

               Co-teach classes and participate via live videoconference

               Broadcast your schools special programs, lectures and events to other schools

               Allow students to view programs, lectures and events held at other schools

               Hold joint meetings and conferences via video

               Draw alumni to the school via videoconferencing

               Earn money charging local alumni/practitioners to use the videoconference facility

               Authors from different schools can collaborate, in real time, on materials

               Offer students a high-speed online tool for legal information, forms, letters and directories

The enlighten™ network's powerful data, voice, and audio integration, unlimited use, and boundless data capability is supported by enlighten™'s Data and Command Centers. The possibilities are endless.

The system operates on your existing network, given some minimal technical specifications, and is fully supported by enlighten™. No additional work for your technical staff and no additional costs for the school.

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