Company Websites

ENLIGHTEN™ ( is the parent company and website for nine other websites and represents the communications side of the company, exploring the realities of broadband convergence technology.

LAWCHEK® ( is a legal reference source of specific Q&A and legal directory listings for the legal community, libraries, and the general public.

LAWSONLINE™ ( is one of the most widely used Internet sites for access to free legal information, including both state and federal codes and cases. Lawsonline™ provides directory listings and multiple services for law firms, court reporters, expert witnesses, private investigators, paralegal, process servers, and more.

MEDICALONLINE ( is a directory of physicians, nursing homes, and care facilities, as well as a reference guide to all your medical needs, complete with a frames based search.

ONLINEINSURANCE ( is a directory listing of insurance providers. This directory is one of the most comprehensive on the Internet, covering everything from health, dental, vision, life, auto, home, and renters.

HOUSELIST ( was designed for homeowners and realtors interested in posting statistics and photographs of homes for sale online.

HOMECHECK ( is available for homeowners in need of inspections and repairs before listing their home or before selling.

LAWYERSLISTINGS ( is a legal directory listing site available FREE to all attorneys.

LEGALCONFERENCE ( is comprised of various chat rooms and legal discussion groups available exclusively to members of™.

YOURTRIVIA ( is a gaming site created to test your trivia knowledge by allowing you to search for topics and research the answers while you play the game.

ELECTION COUNTDOWN ( This Election Countdown site strives to provide individuals with current information on the presidential candidates and the upcoming election in order to assist them in making a well informed decision in the 2008 Presidential Election. The Election Countdown site is not sponsored by the Democratic party or the Republican party and is entirely bi-partisan.

IOWA CAUCUS ( Providing information about the Iowa caucus and events taking place up to the 2008 election.

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