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In 1997, the vice president of enlighten technologies was hundreds of miles away from the business when he and the president began looking for ways to conduct meetings with his staff and other company executives via long distance. This search for a long distance conferencing led to the development of the project called the e-sdn. This stands for enlighten secure data network which is a video conferencing network to service the needs of all those who have video conferencing equipment and log distance challenges to stay in communication with there offices via video communication securely.

A joint survey was undertaken that targeted the legal markets. It was found that members of the legal community were spending vast amounts of time and money on:

1. Travel - to and from meetings, hearings, depositions…
2. Communication costs - long distance charges, fax…
3. Legal research - via books, online resources, services...

By January of 1999, enlighten technologies incorporated™ was established to address these issues more efficiently and effectively than ever before. By January of 2000, the company attended its' biggest tech show ever and the dream of offering broadband convergence technology, the meshing of video, voice, fax, and data over one line, was now a reality.

Involvement in the project with 3COM, PictureTel, WilTel Communications, UUNET, and Intel took the e-SDN™ (enlighten™ secure data network) product to the cutting edge of technological capabilities. Courts, law firms, corporations, agencies, and associations were then able to see the reality of how a flat fee, real time video, phone, fax, and data service, provided via a secure network, could save them time and money. Travel and communication costs were reduced, with the end result being more productive and efficient companies.

It became evident that enlighten™ was a company for today and tomorrow, and with that in mind, enlighten™ became the parent company for the existing products and services of LAWCHEK® and Lawsonline™. enlighten™ was then fully able, through the e-SDN™, to address the three business needs established years previous of reducing time consuming and unsafe travel, eliminating the cost of telecommunications, and reducing legal research fees.

Today enlighten™ is also developing products and services for the medical, insurance, and real estate markets. enlighten™ is your technology partner for real world solutions. enlighten provides all levels of video conferencing networking service from free web based video conferencing to deluxe large conference room video conferencing for professional business.

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enlighten™ provides for all of your videoconferencing needs. Whether you’re interested in trying out free videoconferencing or you’re looking to upgrade your videoconferencing system to a secure network that offers your business quality services, enlighten™ has you covered – and connected. For further information regarding our products and services, please call 800-529-5121 toll-free or e-mail info@enlightentech.net.

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